Tarantula dream islamAlgorithm design and realization for large scale space angle measurement based on linear structured light HU Wen-chuan*,QIU Zu-rong,ZHANG Guo-xiong(State Key Laboratory of Precision Measuring Technology and Instruments,Tianjin University,Tianjin 300072,China)
Measurement technology based on structured light is a current research focus in the field of visual measurement and is widely applicable to various fields of industrial measurement. How to quickly and accurately locate and continuously track the rail head and rail waist region from dynamically changing laser fringe images remains a key issue to ...
Line-structured light pavement detection has been developed for about two decades, but it is not yet mature because of unstable measurement results. An image-processing procedure based on ROI (region of interest) images is proposed in this study, which includes slight center extraction, connection, smoothing, and the rutting parameter extraction.

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Whereas conventional structured light methods emit coded light patterns onto the surface of an opaque object to establish correspondence for triangulation, compressive structured light projects patterns into a volume of participating medium to produce images which are integral measurements of the volume density along the line of sight.

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One of the most popular structured-light sensors often used in research is Microsoft’s Kinect. Structured-light sensors project known patterns onto the environment in order to estimate scene depth information. Structured-light sensors have successfully been used to solve many computer vision problems in indoor environments [1].
An algorithm developed by Brown University researchers helps turn smartphones and off-the-shelf digital cameras into structured light 3-D scanners. The advance could help make high-quality 3-D ...

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Structured Light (SL) systems enable robust high quality capture of 3D geometry, and are actively used throughout several fields. These systems can be constructed using commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware, making them accessible and affordable. The obtainable accuracy and precision of such systems vary consider-

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Structured light is an important computer vision technology for 3D information acquisition. A basic structured light system (SLS) can consist of a single camera and one projector. The projector is used to project some specially designed patterns onto the target surface, and the camera is used for the image capturing.

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Nov 25, 2020 · The implementation of structured light, leading to groundbreaking inventions such as high-resolution microscopy or optical communication, has unveiled the unexplored potential for optical trapping. Advancing from a single Gaussian light field as trapping potential, optical tweezers have gotten more and more structure; innovative trapping landscapes have been developed, starting from multiple traps realized by holographic optical tweezers, via complex scalar light fields sculpted in amplitude ... Among two important ac- tive lighting techniques, such as structured light and pho- tometric stereo, structured light techniques, which encode the positional information of projector pixels into projected patterns, have been widely researched and developed due to their robustness, high precision, and density. 3D sensing with structured light. In recent years, there is a clear trend of increasingly using random dot pattern generators for 3D sensing measurements applications that utilize structured light methods. Structured light is one of two main methods for 3D depth sensing, the other being Time of Flight. In structured light, a predefined pattern created by a diffractive beam splitter is projected on a scene or a surface creating an image with depth-dependent deformations in the known pattern. P80 pf940v2 magwell.